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Jupyter Over Tunneling


Note: The procedure below will run the jupyter notebook on an interactive node in an HPC.

  1. Ssh to hpc.
  2. Claim an interactive node with qrsh (or something similar).
  3. Note the node name.
  4. Run jupyter on the claimed node by jupyter notebook --no-browser --ip='' or create an alias in your bashrc for a shortcut alias jup='jupyter notebook --no-browser --ip='''.
  5. On your own computer start another ssh session with tunnelling using the node name as noted above ssh user@host -L8888:nodeName:8888 -N. You will not see any message this time, but if it's not throwing any error then it's probably running just fine.
  6. To avoid writing the code in line 5 everytime you tunnel you can use the shell script below.

I name it as jupssh.


# Check if the arugment is passed.
if [[ $# -eq 0 ]];
    echo 'Usage: jupssh <node name>'
    exit 1

ssh user@host -L8888:$1:8888 -N
7. Copy the URL that jupyter daemon generated in the step 4 and paste it in the browser on your own computer. URL should look something similar to http://(nodeName or