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Display Tables in HTML Reports

Using kableExtra

The code below uses kableExtra package to generate a condensed table with stripped rows which highlight on mouse hover.

For more information on kableExtra options.


ktbl <- df %>%
      kbl() %>% 
      kable_styling(bootstrap_options = c("striped", "hover", "condensed"))

Using DT datatable


dttbl <- dfl %>%
         datatable(escape = FALSE, # Escape = FALSE to show clickable hyperlinks in cells.
                   rownames = FALSE, # to remove rownames
                   filter = 'top', # to add filter option for each column
                   extensions = 'Buttons', # to add buttons to copy and download data as CSV and Excel files
                   options = list(dom = 'Blfrtip', buttons = c('copy', 'csv', 'excel'))